COVID-19 has launched the world-at-large into a new way of living. For seniors in the Atlanta, Georgia area this means staying at home to stay safe and limiting visits from family members. But if your loved one needs care, how can you care for your loved one and keep everyone safe? This article provides ways for you to care for the elderly during COVID-19.

Care You Can Count On

During COVID-19, a home health aide or caregiver can provide the care your loved one needs while keeping them safe. You may want to think about hiring a home health aide or caregiver if:

  • Your loved one has trouble making food for themselves or eating nutritious meals.
  • Needs help with bathing.
  • Has trouble getting around the house.

Caregivers typically help with activities like cooking, meal preparation, bathing, dressing, and assistance moving around. They can also make sure medications are taken at the right time and monitor vital signs if appropriate.

What to Look For in a Caregiver and an Agency

In the age of COVID-19, make sure to ask the agency what their procedures are during the pandemic. Does the company adhere to recommended precautions and provide basic but important supplies like masks, wipes, and sanitizer as needed?

Training is another important thing to look for in a caregiver. Ask what kind of experience they have and what kind of training they’ve had. An agency should be able to tell you about the types of training they offer caregivers and if they train caregivers on an ongoing basis. Does the agency train caregivers about topics like COVID-19, how to safely transfer patients, or prevent falls?

Stay in Touch

Hiring a home health aide or a caregiver during COVID-19 is one way to care for your senior. But don’t forget to stay in touch either. Help your loved one stay engaged by calling them, having video chats, or writing letters. You could even try an in-person visit so long as you both keep your distance and take precautions.

If you’re not sure how to care for your elderly during COVID-19 during this pandemic, give the in-home care experts at Prescott HealthCare, LLC. a call. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find a care solution that works for your family.

About Prescott HealthCare, LLC

Prescott HealthCare is a family owned and operated private home care provider dedicated to giving Atlanta area families safe, personalized care right in the comfort of home.

Our certified aides help people with daily activities like:

Dressing and groomingBathing and hygiene
Incontinence careMedication reminders
Meal preparation and servingCompanionship
ErrandsEscorting to appointments

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you at home, contact us anytime at: 404-883-3302 or right here online.

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